June 14, 2003

There's No Banner Large Enough...

We pulled off the banner drop without a hitch, which was lucky considering we had no practice/experience in the matter. If you ever want to know how to make a really huge banner, I'm your man.

I can take credit for most of the sewing and painting, tho' not the message. It was somewhat of a compromise between clunky, pre-approved SEIU slogans("fighting for a healthy and secure future") and more direct, inflammatory messages ("Class War Now"). I really wanted to write "There's no banner large enough to cover the shame of exploited janitors", but nobody would back me up.

We even got the banner rolled up and back into the car before security came, which means we can cut out the 'got healthcare?' panel and sew in a new one with next year's message. Or just have a huge workers' picnic on the banner at some corporate office park.

That's me in the upper left.

Posted by DV at June 14, 2003 09:29 PM

Self-referential banners are always the best. Have you tried discussing postmodern theory with the folks over at SEIU? Foucault's theories of mass media would probably be the most applicable.

That said, I really don't know much about all that. But my year of education at NYU taught me how to drop the right names and appear to know much more than I really do. And we know from the existentialists that appearance is everything. A year well spent!

Posted by: Cody at June 17, 2003 01:17 PM

yay, david! go, david! class war now!

(i'm always a little embarrassed by that one, since we don't have much of an upper class, which means the ivy leaguers are next, which means they're going to steal my broken laptop and my mother's car and my sense of entitlement, and whatever other assets i might possess. that's why i tend to substitute "eat the rich' with plain old "eat me'...)

call you today, dave, be home if you can--katz

Posted by: kt at June 20, 2003 04:45 AM