May 03, 2003


[Disclaimer: Contains no celebrity encounters, car accidents, or current unfortunate events. Just a boy and his bicycle(s).]

To say that my bicycle relationship with this town had a rocky start would be a bit of an understatement. Nonetheless, I have persisted on two wheels(because, well, who wants to take the bus?), and I think I might finally be in the clear, my karmic debts for my previous life as an SUV driver paid off.

A bit of history, to begin. I think I finally understand the cliche "add insult to injury." Looking at the events of March 20-28th:

1. Bicycle run over by truck.
2. On a beer run 2 hours after above experience, my U-lock falls into the front wheel of my other bike and breaks a spoke.
3. Arrested for getting my bike run over. 8 hours in jail, two criminal charges.
4. Making a left turn on a rainy day, the car in front of me suddenly stops. Loose brakes(because of above-mentioned broken spoke/wobbly wheel) and wet rims do not allow me to stop fast enough, and I crash into the car's rear bumper, flying over my handlebars onto the trunk.
5. While getting the wheel repaired, I borrow my roommate's bike to get to the hospital where I volunteer. Bike is stolen.
6. Ticketed by an over-zealous motorcycle cop during a Critical Mass ride for entering an intersection on a yellow light ("Son, in Oregon yellow means stop."). $175 ticket(being contested).
7. $771 removed from my bank account for the vehicle registration fees of another David J. Vigil (bike related only because I don't even have a car). Still fighting that one.

I was afraid to leave the house for a while, unsure what fate might befall me next. Things were bad enough such that I didn't dare contemplate what worse might be.

With time I restored my relationship with my trusty red Bianchi, acquired a mini-bike, and started getting out for more Masses, Zoobombs, and other extra-legal cycling activities(like riding through yellow lights).

Tuesday night I came home from the Community Cycling Center with a circa 1970 bicycle frame and a banana seat strapped to my back and a new one-speed cruiser rolling alongside in my right hand, all while trying to pilot my road bike the sixteen blocks back to my house. My bicycle appetite unsatiated, Ani and I returned to the CCC dumpster, netting two mini-bikes and a tricycle.

On our way we were met with calls of "This is what a Big Wheel looks like!"
A couple of Zoobombers were out with the newest creation, an adult version of the Big Wheel, complete with front-wheel drive and plastic seat. Suddenly, the two big bikes, one mini-bike(re-christened 'La Chiquita' for her new banana seat), and two frames crowding my basement seemed like not quite enough for all of the spring fun that is already underway. Two days into the month, with no rain and two Critical Masses under our belts. May should be alright.

Posted by DV at May 3, 2003 02:02 AM

What's a zoobomb?

Posted by: gene at May 3, 2003 11:23 AM

read "Bomb the Zoo, Not Iraq!", or go to

Posted by: DV at May 3, 2003 05:22 PM